What mobility services are available in the Skipr app?


The Skipr app can give you direct access to public and shared transport, as well as ride-hailing services.

Public transport operators

  • NMBS-SNCB trains πŸš‚ in Belgium.
    • βœ… In-app booking available
  • De Lijn buses & trams  🚌 🚎 in Flanders & Brussels.
    • βœ… In-app booking available
      • Buy your ticket now but activate it whenever you want.
  • TEC buses & trams πŸšŒ 🚎 in Wallonia & Brussels.
  • MIVB-STIB buses, trams & metros 🚌 🚎 πŸš‡ in Brussels.
    • βœ… In-app booking available 

Shared transport operators

  • Free-floating services
    • Poppy cars, scooters & e-steps in Antwerp πŸš— πŸ›΅ πŸ›΄ and Poppy cars & scooters in Brussels πŸš— πŸ›΅
      • βœ… In-app booking available for professional users only
    • Bird e-steps πŸ›΄ in Antwerp
      • βœ… In-app booking available for professional users only
    • Dott e-steps πŸ›΄ in Brussels
    • Lime e-steps πŸ›΄ in Brussels
    • Felyx scooters πŸ›΅ in Brussels
    • Mobit bikes 🚲 in Antwerp
    • Billy Bike πŸš² in Brussels
  • Fixed docking station services
  • Exclusive-use vehicles
    • Swapfiets bikes 🚲  in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen

Ride-hailing services

  • Uber ride-hailing πŸš™ in and around Brussels
  • Husk ride-hailing πŸš™ in Brussels (the departure or arrival has to be in Brussels)
    • For professional users only
    • βœ… In-app booking available
  • Heetch ride-hailing πŸš™ in Brussels


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