My payment with Skipr card was refused, what should I do?


You tried to pay for a European mobility service with your Skipr payment card but the transaction was refused? That's a bummer.

Please check the following points below:

  • Make sure that this is indeed a European mobility provider.
  • Make sure the provider accepts payment with a MasterCard
  • Check your budget: are you out of money?
  • Check whether your card is still active and whether it's unblocked in your app settings or in your dashboard.

If all of the above appears to be good, contact our Support with the following information:

  • The date of your transaction
  • The name of the mobility provider
  • The error message you received

With this information, we will investigate the problem. It might simply be due to the fact that we haven't added this provider to our approved services. In that case we'll go over it and approve it right away.

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