What is the amount of my first Swapfiets payment?


💡 As a reminder, you'll only start to pay for your Swapfiets subscription when you'll receive your bike. You'll be debited monthly on your Skipr card, as indicated during your subscription.

Wondering why your first Swapfiets payment is high?
That's because it takes the following elements into account: 

  • The first month of your subscription (prorata of the days since you received your bike).
  • The second month of your subscription (full amount).

Ex. You received your bike on March 20th and subscribed for a Power 7 (75€/month).
Your first payment in April will be: 29€ for March (for the 11 days remaining) + 75€ for April (monthly fee) = 104€.
Your next payment in May will be of 75€.

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