How can I plan a trip?


You want to you reach your destination by using Skipr but you're not sure how it works?
It's super simple! 💪

Vehicles displayed around you
When you open Skipr, you'll see a map displaying the vehicles around you.
You can select one to see more details about it, and start your booking, either directly in the Skipr app for Poppy and Bird vehicles, or via the provider app for the others.

Journey planner
You can also insert your destination in the search bar, and we'll display several trip options, with personal modes, multimodal modes, and shared modes.
Select the option that satisfies you most to see more details.
You can then either pay for your tickets in the app (for NMBS and De Lijn), book your vehicle in the app (Poppy, Bird, Husk), or you'll be redirected to the provider app for the other mobility services.

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