Where can I find the details of my Skipr card?


You can access your Skipr card details through the Skipr app, through the Skipr dashboard or simply on the back of your physical Skipr card, if you have one. 


1. The App

The access to your Skipr card details in the app is protected by a passcode (6 digits), that you'll have to define yourself the first time you'll try to access it.

In order to set it, you will have to:

  1. Go to the Menu and click on the "Skipr card" entry
  2. You'll see an explicative screen, then click on "Set my password"
  3. You'll receive a temporary password (6 digits) by email, and will have to enter it in the app (to confirm your identity)
  4. Then, you'll be able to define your own password (6 digits)
  5. And you'll finally see your credit card details

mceclip0.png                   blobid1.png


2. The dashboard

You can also access your card information by logging in to your personal dashboard https://dashboard.skipr.co/, and clicking on "show details".



3. The physical Skipr card

Just have a look at the back of your Skipr payment card.

If you don't have a Skipr payment and wish to get one, please contact your fleet or mobility manager.

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