My Swapfiets bike has been stolen or broken


If your bike has been broken

One of Swapfiets' swappers can come over to quickly exchange ('swap') your bicycle with a working one. As a result, you are always assured of a working bicycle and can be back on the road in no time.

Moreover, Swapfiets can also carry out minor repairs directly on location. This is done without extra costs for you. 


If your bike has been stolen

Swapfiets bicycles are insured against theft. However, in the event that your Swapfiets bicycle is stolen, you pay your €60 deductible (or €220 for an e-bike), provided that your bike was locked properly (and for an e-bike that the battery was removed). You can find all extra costs in the terms and conditions of Swapfiets.

Of course, Swapfiets ensures that you receive a new bicycle asap. Please make an appointment with Swapfiets so they can bring you a new bike and report the bike as missing. You are also always welcome to stop by at their stores to get a new bike, don't forget to bring the key of your previous bike. 


How to contact Swapfiets?

In order to contact Swapfiets:, you can:

  • Send Swapfiets a message via WhatsApp: +32 33 04 55 70
  • Mail Swapfiets on
  • Send Swapfiets a message via Facebook
  • Call Swapfiets: +32 33 04 55 70
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