How can I create my Poppy account?


You have two main ways to register to Poppy:

  1. Right after your onboarding in the app, if you click on "Register"
  2. In the Menu at anytime, if you click on  "Mobility services" and then on "Poppy"

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When you start your registration process, you'll be asked if you have a driver licence.


If you don't have a driver licence

We'll create you a Poppy account right away, but you'll only be able to book Poppy e-steps (as it's not required to have a driver licence to use them).


If you have a driver licence

You'll be asked to take pictures of your driver licence (back and front), as long as a selfie with your driver licence in hand, and provide some more information, in order for us to create your account.

We'll review the documents (about 48h), and send you an email as soon as your Poppy account will be created.

You'll then be able to book Poppy e-steps, cars and scooters.

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