What are the different statuses an expense can have?


Pro expenses or expenses introduced manually can have the following statuses : 

  • Pending : Expense will stay in pending status and require and approval action from your FM
  • Approved : The expense has been approved by your fleet manager 
  • Need more info : Expense does not contain enough information in order to approve it. You'll need to leave a justification for the fleet manager to understand what information is missing. 
  • Refused : The expense is not approved by your fleet manager and will not be paid by company or refunded. You'll see a refusal reason in comment.
  • To refund : The expense is approved by your fleet manager and will be refunded.
  • Refunded : The expenses has been approved by your feet manager and has been refunded.


For private expenses coming from the app or the card, they are approved by default.



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