How can I add an expense I paid for myself in order to get reimbursed (like my rent) ?


You can submit requests for reimbursement in your Skipr employee platform.
This is applicable in case you have made a mobility expense eligible for reimbursement by your employer, i.e. :

  • an expense paid by your own means within the mobility budget
  • a business expense paid by your own means
  • a rent expense (in case you have the mobility budget)

In order to introduce your expense, you must follow those steps:

  • log in to your Skipr web portal
  • click on "add an expense"
  • add the details of your expense
  • add an attachment if necessary to prove the veracity of the expense
  • add a comment is suggested to explain the reason of your expense
  • click on "save".



You will then see your expense appear in the list with the status "pending".
Your mobility manager will then be able to approve the expense (if eligible) through his Skipr portal  and reimburse you on your bank account.
Once the expense has been reimbursed, the expense will have the final status of "refunded".

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