How and when do I get refunded for my mobility expenses?


Once your expense has been entered into your web platform (see article "How can I add an expense I paid for myself in order to get reimbursed?"), your mobility manager will review and approve your expense.
If your expense is eligible for reimbursement and approved by your mobility manager, the status of your visible expense will be changed to "to be reimbursed".
The total amount will then be permanently deducted from your Skipr budget.

Reimbursement requests are not processed through Skipr directly but through your company's social secretariat. Expenses are usually processed and reimbursed at the same time as your employee salary, on a monthly basis. However, reimbursements may be made on a quarterly basis or at the end of the year depending on the company's internal policy. 

Once the fee is refunded, the status of the expense in your platform changes to "refunded".

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