How and when do I need to indicate if a trip was a home-work trip?


What is a home-work trip?
The home-work trip is the trip you make between your home and the fixed place where you work. This does not include trips you make during your work. For example, if you are visiting a client, this is only a business trip.


Why should I indicate a trip being a home-work ?
Your employer will sometimes pay you an allowance for the expenses incurred. This allowance may be (partially) tax-exempt. In certain cases and if the conditions are met, you can deduct the related expenses as business expenses in your tax return.


How to indicate a home-work trip?
By default all expenses are indicated as NOT being home-work expenses. But you can change this.

Via the dashboard : 

1. Log in your dashboard

2. Click on the expense you would like to update


3. Set the tag home<->work to YES


4. Click on save

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