What are KM allowances and how can I use them with Skipr?


The kilometer allowance allows employees to deduct their professional expenses from their tax return according to a dedicated scale. It is therefore a tax benefit granted by the company. It concerns above all employees who are obliged to use their personal vehicle or bicycle for professional purposes.

Skipr allows you to register your journeys so that your employer can reimburse you the mileage allowances. This is only applicable if your company authorizes the reimbursement of mileage allowances.

To register your expenses in the Skipr platform, follow the steps below:
1. Log in to your employee dashboard
2. Click on "Add trip" below the kilometer allowance table
3. Add the details of your trip and the kilometers traveled
4. Click on save

Your entry will need to be validated by your fleet manager who can then proceed with the reimbursement.

Adding KM allowance will not increase or decrease your Skipr budget and are strictly for refunds between employee and employer.

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