How can I buy a NMBS Standard Multi?


Skipr offers you the possibility to buy your NMBS Standard Multi (formerly known as Railpass) within the app, in order to save money if you perform long and regular trips on the NMBS network.

  1. Open your menu, click on "Mobility services" and then on "NMBS Standard Multi"
    If it's your first purchase, or you've already used your NMBS Standard Multi, you'll see a screen saying that you don't have tickets.
  2. Click on "Buy", to see the available products.
  3. Select the one you're interested in (1st or 2nd class), agree to the NMBS Terms & Conditions and press "Pay".
  4. The payment will go through, and you'll see your NMBS Standard Multi with 10 available tickets.
  5. You can now use them for your next NMBS trip! 


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