How can my employees use their Skipr budget?



There are three ways to use your budget with Skipr:  

The Skipr application
This allows you to buy numerous mobility options, such as train tickets, Lijn tickets (one or ten journeys), top up your Mobib card, book and use a Poppy car share, book a Bird scooter or apply for a Swapfiets subscription. Depending on the type of budget, it is also possible to use all Q-Parks in Belgium (not allowed under the mobility budget).

The Skipr card
The card allows employees to use all the mobility they are entitled to, depending on the company policy and their budget. The employee has a digital card whose details are directly accessible in the application, so they can enter these details in many online mobility services and a physical card (if authorised by the company) to pay at ticket offices, shops or other.

The Skipr dashboard
The dashboard allows manual entry of expenses that could not be done via the Skipr card or application, such as rent (as part of the mobility budget), a Cambio subscription or the purchase of a bike from Decathlon. The processing (validate/refuse + reimburse) of expenses manually entered via the dashboard is the responsibility of the employer. 


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