How do I change an employee's budget?


In order to modify the budget of one of your employees, go to your Skipr dashboard:

Select the employee and click on "view all" under his active budget.


Click on the small pencil to the right of the line (note that it is not possible to modify an expired budget*)!Capture_d_e_cran_2021-12-17_a__11.57.46.png


And change the amount to the desired budget, before saving by clicking on "change budget".



* If within the mobility budget you wish to modify a budget that has expired, we suggest that you simply add the balance to the current month's budget.

Example: my employee has been entitled to €500/month since 1 January. On 1 July, the company wants to add the extra €100 per month to which he is entitled thanks to an increase since 1 April. So you have to add €300 (€100 for April, May and June) to the €500 for July, which means that his July budget will be €800 and his August budget will be €500 (as long as you don't touch it).

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